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Tri-Phasic Articles, Questions, Answers And Videos

Xyngular Success Step by Step

xyngular.mlmhybridblueprint.com Get the poop on Xyngular Make these Screw ups and fall on your face at Xyngular Learn to build your Xyngular Biz online and generate 100s of leaders calling you  

Playing with an asynchronous triphase motor generator

First tests with 5.5 Kw triphase asynchronous motor used as a generator  

WTF Jam Session

March 22, 2010 — Showed up late to Jamboree and Aurelio called me up on stage to sit in. The WTF session is always open improv and free form. This jam went on for 30 minutes. I just thought I’d post a few seconds. Dani Dominguez on drums, Llibert Fortuny on Sax  

Stormy. . . Friday?

Slaughterhouse 3 @ Jamboree Feb. 2005  

free loop improvisation


David Gómez Drum solo

Solo de bateria de David Gómez en el auditorio de la CAM (Murcia) Grupo: City Of Roses  

The Corriol Guys

The Corriol Guys are: JOAN PONS——EL ACOLLONANT (por que para él todo es ACOLLONANT) JOAN PALLÀS—EL PATACAS (Por la extensin de sus piernas) GARY WILLIS—EL MOLINILLO (Por su gran cadencia) SOEUN PONS–LA ESPERANZA (Por su gran evlución en la moto y pq nos jubilará a todos) LLIBERT FORTUNY–EL GRASAS (Por su conocida adicción al conbaste con las grasa saturadas)  

Llibert Fortuny (Barcelona 2008)


Llibert Fortuny @ Jamboree WTF Jam Sessions – 28/12/09 II


BBT Charting…could this be implantation?

Here is my chart from www.ivillage.com…take a look at it and tell me what you think, Im new at tracking temps but so far i think this looks good! Opinions needed!